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Plant Varieties:

We offer hundreds of different varieties of trees and shrubs, but specialize in the following types:


Dwarf, Grafted Blue Spruce - "Baby Blue", "Baker", "Hoopsii", "Fat Albert", "Globosa", "Montgomery"


Evergreen Conifers -  "Green Giant" Arborvitae, "American Pillar" & "Emerald Green", Norway Spruce, White Pine


Dwarf Grafted Japanese Red Maples - "Bloodgood", "Ever Red", "Crimson Queen",  "Laceleaf" and "Cutleaf"


Evergreen Red-berried Hollies - "Nellie Stevens", "Miss Helen", "Satyr Hill", and other varieties of Ilex "Opaca"


Winterberry Holly - "Winter Red" & "Maryland Beauty"   (spectacular red berries lasting through the entire winter)


Boxwoods - "Winter Gem", "Winter Green", "Fastigiata"   (Deer-resistant, Winter-hardy, compact evergreen shrubs)


Dogwoods - Chinese "Kousa", "Satomi", "Cherokee Chief", "Rubra"


Fragrant Flowering Magnolias - "Ann", "Sweet Bay", "Jane", "Royal Star", "Little Gem", "Butterflies"


Hawthorne Tree - "Winter King", "Washington"   (attractive red-berried tree, winter-hardy)


Japanese Snowbell - "Styrax Japonicus"    (beautiful, pendulous, fragrant bell-shaped flowers)


Maple Trees - "Sun Valley", "Brandywine", "Somerset"   (seedless hybrid Maple trees - no messy "helicopters")


Oak Trees - "Chestnut Oak", "Sawtooth Oak", "Northern Red Oak", "Wye Oak", "Pin Oak", and "White Oak"


Yew Bushes - Upright "Erecta Hilli" and Upright "Hicksii" (great for screening & hedges)




Best Evergreens for Privacy Screens & Windbreaks -  "Green Giant" Arborvitaes, "Emerald Green" Arborvitaes,

"American Pillar" Arborvitaes, "Nellie Stevens" Holly, American Holly, Norway Spruce, Yews, and Fastigiata Boxwoods


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